Choose your Kratom products for desired effect!

Kratom contains active agents, capable of producing a certain effect. Botanical agents which have opioid-like effects. Although in its experimental stages, it is believed to have endless potential in the future of medicine. The formal botanical name is Mitragyna speciosa. This botanical plant is indigenous to Thailand and neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

Basically, Kratom’s most active compound known as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, produce stimulant, analgesic and opioid-like effects. However, Kratom has less potential for addiction than opioids, and may be the key to weaning off opioids!

It is said to have a stimulant effect when consumed in smaller doses, and when consumed in higher amounts, you can expect a pain-killing effect. It is always advisable to check the laws in your state to determine if kratom is legal in your neck of the woods.

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For example –

If you are feeling a little sore after a workout, but you’re not thrilled about taking painkillers, a Kratom product called, Kraken Unleashed: Pre-Workout Supplement by Kraken Kratom might just suit your needs. Each bottle contains 40 capsules, filled with a proprietary blend of premium Mitragyna speciosa extract.

Kratom—especially something like our Kraken Unleashed pre-workout supplement—can make a great gift for health conscious friends who may not be familiar with the plant.