Among all of the cannabinoids, why has Delta-8-THC risen in popularity among consumers?

Basically, because it differs in its molecular structure and due to its altered structure, it has a lower psychotropic potency.

A preparatory study for Delta-8-THC consumers was based on consumer experiences, comparisons and open-ended feedback, which affirmed that most users experienced a great deal of relaxation, euphoria and pain relief. The study incorporated a wide demographic, assessing age, gender identity, education, ethnicity and zip code.

For most part, the responses were favorable, in comparison to the benefits of delta-9-THC, with lesser adverse effects.

Users have found that it helps with pain and relaxation, immensely useful and therapeutic, assisting with sleep issues as well.

An effective alternative to Delta-9-THC, providing much of the experiential and therapeutic benefits of Delta-9-THC with lower risks and lesser side effects or harm.

Comparatively, having proven to have milder to no side effects, and less likely to cause anxiety or paranoia, Delta-8-THC has since risen in popularity among users and is considered one of the fastest growing of the hemp-derived products.