CBD is available in a variety of forms. Many choose to smoke or vape marijuana or CBD, but this may not be possible for people with certain conditions. Other options include:





THC options include:

smokable products



edibles, such as brownies


A Brief History of CBD (and why Gummies have become so popular)

The growth of a steady base of users is based on the medical benefits the use of CBD offers. A shift in how it is viewed, not as an illegal drug, but more as a medicine offering pain relief, anxiety control, and much more.

The biggest catalyst for CBD (particularly industrial hemp) to become legal on a national level, is last year’s federal Farm Bill.

CBD has been widely consumed by both young and old demographics. The American Association of Retired People, notes that baby boomers have been one of the fastest-growing groups of CBD consumers.

Availability of innovative items like gummies, are a far cry from smoking a joint. Youngsters who want to benefit from CBD without inhaling smoke, use gummies as an alternative.

A variety of ongoing studies of the benefits of CBD for alleviating anxiety, depression, physical pain has provided more acceptance among mainstream science community. Harvard Health, notes that CBD has repeatedly demonstrated to help people with chronic pain. Nevertheless, although early usage has been helpful in a number of issues related to mental and physical health, there has also been some skepticism as to which products are actually safe.

Which Products Are The Best?

In 2017, Ars Technicia noted that nearly 70% of online CBD products were mislabeled, making them ineffective. Due to no regulations by the FDA, to govern CBD production, many are looking to enter the industry. Do your research before buying. It is important to consider dosage and ingredients when buying online. Our products come highly recommended. Our gummies are free of pesticides, are non-GMO, THC free, and American made. Many companies are experimenting with different ingredients and for various purposes.

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